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    Nina asked 3 years ago

    Can I have more then 2000MB (for extra charge) for one validity period?  For example: I buy Pay as you go sim- card and 2GB internet, then in 2 weeks I need more data volume – can I buy a new package or it will be charged as per MB till the end of the first package validity period 

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    panayiotisppanayiotisp Staff answered 3 years ago

    Hello Nina! 

    Pay As You Go subscribers can select one of the below Mobile Internet plans or choose the new Data Top-up card available at various kiosks or online that offers 2,000 Megabytes for only €15 valid for 30 days. In the event you exceed the limit of MB which is included in the package or its date validity period has passed, standard charges will apply for Mobile Internet, €0.25/MB charged per ΚΒ or you can buy a new  Data Top-up card