What is the primetel wifi?

    Category: PrimeTel WifiWhat is the primetel wifi?
    Anonymous asked 4 years ago

    I was given a primetel password. Where do I use it?

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    panayiotisppanayiotisp Staff answered 4 years ago

    PrimeTel WiFi is a range of hotspots all over Cyprus. 
    To connect at PrimeTel’s PrimeTel WiFi you have to follow the steps that are described below:

    1. Activate the Wireless feature of your device and connect to PrimeTel WiFi Network 
    2. Open the web browser and the PrimeTel WiFi page will appear automatically.
    3. If you are a PrimeTel subscriber enter your account name and password and press log in to connect.
    4. If you are not a PrimeTel subscriber you can buy access with one of the following ways: 
      • By calling 90088350 (for 1 hour access), 90088550 (for 5 hours access), 90044550 (for 24 hours access)
      • Through Credit Card
      • By buying PrimeTel WiFi codes from various Kiosks sold all over the island.

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